So over the week I’ve realized two things: 1) I need to buy a new snifter since mine broke two months ago during cleaning, and 2) Tyranena makes some amazingly delicious dark beers! If anyone would like to support a fellow beer geek and get me a snifter I’d appreciate it immensely…just throwing that out there. Also, if you have not tried a beer by Tyranena go to the store now…go now and buy one…and drink it. It will change your life…forever!

Again I find myself indulging in a brew that has been aged in a barrel which apparently is my Achilles heal. First let me lay down the basics of this beer. The name is Dirty Old Man: Imperial Rye Porter Aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels. Phew, that was a mouthful. It is made up of 40% malt beverage aged in rye whiskey barrels blended with 60% of fresh malt beverage. This brew was a part of their “brewers gone wild” series so it might be hard to find. I managed to locate one so be on the lookout.

After reviewing Down ‘n Dirty I got a good sense of the chocolate malt used. At first glance this beer has a thick, pluming head that looks like a tan/mocha colored froth. The color is garnet with some minor mahogany highlights. Everything about this beer reeked of wonderful roasted grains, deep chocolate undertones, mellowed charred oak notes, hints of alcohol, and smooth fruity whiskey qualities.

What a flavor rush! It was chocolaty, coffee-like, and smooth. The rye used in both the beer and whiskey imparted a minor spiciness that and helped clean the palate of the deep roasted expressions. At cooler temperatures it is thicker and has a more predominate malt characteristic. Upon letting the beer warm a little you notice more of the whiskey profile. I’d say this is close to a Baltic Porter and while I could not find a definite ABV I’d say it falls between a 7-10%. The alcohol is evident, but mellowed due to the oak aging. With a lighter bodied than a stout it finishes with rye and coffee bitterness rounded out by a woody charred oakiness.

ABV: 7.9%

Grade: A-